Why it's great to be a sponsor

Supporting children in education is a great way to support the heart of your community. Not only that, but sponsorship will raise your company’s profile in front of a huge audience — creating the awareness needed to drive your business forward.

Backing our school’s projects is an excellent way to advertise your company to a broad range of appreciative people. It’s also a smart method of fostering a talent pool that could become your workforce of tomorrow. Sponsorship is the easiest and most reputable means of reaching so many people for a relatively modest investment. Plus, you can provide support in a variety of ways, including services, training, products, funding, and donations.

Your sponsorship will make a big difference

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We've supported the school for some time now on various projects and to see how far a little interaction from businesses outside the normal classroom routine can go is just amazing. We hope to continue our support with Whitley Bay for years to come! Artboard 2

Liz Briggs - Community Relations, Tesco

A fantastic business opportunity

  • Support the heart of your community
  • Increase brand and business awareness
  • Raise your profile with a huge audience
  • Get involved with rewarding events
  • Drive business to your website and services
  • Become visible to hundreds of customers

How will you sponsor?

Our sponsorship arrangements are completely flexible. Whether it’s supporting our school generally or contributing to a particular project, you can do a great deal of good for our children while driving your business forward. Leave your details below to receive a free sponsor pack.